I've heard these were at Eurobike this year, and I think there already were wheelsets (Spline) built with these.

Two new rims from DT.  The R470 and the R500.  Perfect for gravel tubeless tires.  The 470 has a 20mm internal and the 500 has 22mm internal width.

These like the R460 rims are affordable and no-nonsense rims, but really about perfectly designed and spec'ed, if you ask me.  The 470 is about identical to other similar rims, like the Belgium + or SL25 or Hydra, in dimensions and weight, but at a more friendly price point.  DT rates these for 265 lbs.

The 500 is wider and a bit heavier.  Heavier is good, because that is what is needed for heavier riders, or heavily loaded riders.  Or just riders that are hard on their stuff.  DT Swiss rates the R500 for a 286 lbs. load.  But don't freak out about these being super heavy rims, because the weight difference (from the 460) is about 60 grams (per pair), which is about the weight of half a banana!


Though these may not be available through US distributors for a while, we have found a source and they are currently in stock in all drillings.  We will be building some of these very soon!

P.S. The decals remove fairly easily, for a clean and stealthy look!
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