I have a couple of pairs of wheels built and for sale.  PM me if interested.  [smile]


DT R460 rims, Wheelsmith DB15 butted spokes, DT alloy nipples, Bitex Centerlock hubs

32/32h  1615 grams
Hubs are set up 12x100 and 12x142
Hubs can be re-configured to fit your needs
These hubs now come with anti bite freehub

Price $365 plus shipping

IMG_20170425_113527128.jpg  IMG_20170425_113545150.jpg  IMG_20170425_113552430.jpg 

Pacenti SL25, Bitex CL, Sapim Race spokes, and Sapim alloy nipples

Bitex Centerlock hubs, QR 135mm rear/15mm front, can be converted 
28/32 hole - these are built for a heavier rider, or light to medium loads
Weight 1695 grams

Price $380 plus shipping

IMG_20170502_075057603.jpg  IMG_20170502_075100917.jpg  IMG_20170502_075111319.jpg

Let me know if you are looking for something else, I can probably do it!

I Build Wheels @millcitycycle

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I need to get these wheels to new homes.

DT R460 wheels are now $365

Pacenti Wheels are $380

Don't be hung up if these aren't the right axle types for your bike.  I have the parts to convert them.  Easy peezy.  Fronts can be QR, 12mm, and 15mm.  Rears can be QR or 12x142mm.  

PM me if you are interested.  Thanks [smile][smile]

I Build Wheels @millcitycycle

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