I got a really good deal on 2014 Specialized CruX Elite Rival. The first ride was today on some dirt/gravel and pavement. The bike is smooth and fast. The stock tires and wheels are a tad heavy but solid. So far it's absolutely awesome. I may never ride my road bike or my rigid 29er again.

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She's beautiful! I have a 2012 Crux that has taken me on many adventures. She's still my preferred bike for all day rambling on gravel roads.
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Yep, the Crux handles well and rides smoothly.  Sometimes wish mine had disc brakes.

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I don't have as good a pic as you guys.  Mine finally arrived and was built up while I was on vacation, LBS took a pic for me.  I've taken it on a few road rides and one short off road excursion.  I have the stock wheels set up with Roubaix Pro 700x30's and I also got a set of Stan's Grail that will be set up with the Trigger Pro 2Bliss 700x38.  For some reason the bike shipped with Trigger Sports but they are being swapped out for 700x33 Pro's until they get more 700x38's in.  
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Picked up my 2015 Crux Expert on Wednesday, took it out for a test ride that afternoon for a short 12 mile ride. Bike did great, of course, then followed up for a 35 mile ride. Finally, Saturday (today) took it out for some gravel action after all the rain, roads were muddy at best. I ended up shearing off the rear derailluer! I guess according to the good folks at the LBS, this is not uncommon. Any other experiences?

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