Well I had a Salsa Vaya 3 that I sold a week or so ago and have been on the search for a much lighter gravel/allroad bike for the last month or two.  
I was looking at replacing it with:
  2016 Carbon Warbird
  2016 105 Warbird
  Raleigh Roker
  Santa Cruz Stigmata
  Jamis Renegade
When visiting a shop near me I ran across a new left over 2015 Titanium Warbird
It had:
 SRAM Force 22 groupset
 SRAM hydraulic brakes
 HED Belgium + Wheels
 DT SWISS 350 hubs
 Clement MSO 40c 120tpi tires
 Thomson post and stem
 Cowbell handlebars

I went and rode it Saturday back to back with a 2016 105 Warbird and couldn't pass up on the Titanium bird.  Took it for a 53 mile gravel ride yesterday and I couldn't be happier with the bike. So light and just as comfy as my old Vaya.  Can't wait to put more miles on.
Weight at shop was 20.2 lbs
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wow! I wouldn't have been able to pass up that bike, either. Congrats!
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Wow! Nice bike. Pretty nice build as well… If you have a minute to give us your riding impression of 2016 alu warbird vs 2015 ti warbird, it would be very interesting to read! Salsa claim that their alu 2016 is as compliant as the ti model, maybe marketing BS? Did you feel a lot of difference riding one bike after another?

Congrats on your new bike!
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To be honest I can't tell that big of a difference.  I think if I was to ride both 50+ miles back to back, maybe I could, but what they did to the 2016 Aluminum is pretty impressive compared to other Aluminum bikes I've ridden.  I do think the ti-bird is more compliant in the front end, not sure if its the fork or the bigger 40c tire and the back is buttery smooth, but not that much more then the Alu-bird.    
 The main reason I splurged for the Ti bike is how much more I like all the components and if I were to upgrade the Alu 2016 I would be well over or at the price of the Titanium.  
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Thanks for the feed-back. Warbird is at the top of my list and I wll probable have to choose between an alu custom build or the carbon... It will come down to what I can get for my money
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That was my plan originally also, until I ran across this bike and heard that it would be very difficult to come on across a carbon.  
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Congrats on the new ride.  I have the model previous to yours in Ti as well.  I LOVE this bike.  So comfortable, so stable!  You are going to have tons of fun with it..
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