Hey Gang!

I’m new to the forum on the posting front but have lurked for a while grabbing bits of inspiration.

Here’s my newly built and specked Gravel Bike which I’m really happy with.

All based around a Merckx Strasbourg 71 (XL) alloy frame set that I picked up for peanuts.

The groupset is Campagnolo Record (taken from another bike) with a Veloci cassette (13-29). I’m running compact 50-34.

Wheels are Cero disc wheels.
Tyres are Challenge Alzamo (35mm)

Brakes are TRP,s mechanical.

Seat post is an Ergon split-leaf (incredible piece of kit).

Bars & Stem are Deda Elementi.

I’ve been a roadie for 10 years but just fancied giving this a try but I didn’t want something off the shelf. So sourced and researched and came up with this.

Had a few rides and I love it. Feels fast and is SUPER comfortable.

Anyway, hope you like it!

(Peak District, UK).
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Nice ride! Thanks for sharing.


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I've got Campy Record 10 on one of my gravel bikes and there's nothing that works better than Campy shifters. I'm hoping that they'll start producing some gravel-oriented components, but I'm not holding my breath. The new 12-speed group with it's 11-32 tooth cassette option is heading in the right direction, so who knows?

I've got Ultregra Di2 on my other gravel rig and it's not even in the same ballpark as Campy when it comes to either shifting speed - particularly when shifting both front and rear simultaneously - or ergonomics (which are terrible on Shimano R785 levers).
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