After 34 years of Colorado living, I'll be picking up and moving in the next month or so. I know almost nothing of the area, so would love to meet up with some folks and have you show me the way. It looks like there are TONS of places to explore up there, I just don't know many of them, so any suggestions are welcomed. 

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There is a guy with a youtube blog called the Path less Pedaled and I believe he lives there.  He is really into gravel riding and may be a really good resource for you.  Just a thought.
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El Train
What kind of riding do you like to do? Where are you coming from? I live in Livingston MT but have been to Missoula a bunch. Great town for biking. Between Adventure Cycling Association, The Cycling House, and the Pro XCT race, and fall cx series, there are a lot of serious cyclists there. Great mtn biking, which is so accessible I would never ride my gravel bike if I lived there. Montana is dirt road heaven though, there are endless miles of county and USFS roads to be explored. But in summer I prefer to mountain bike as much as possible. Also, on Strava the  Heatmap feature is pretty handy for seeing where people are riding in a given place. 
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Here's a gravel 'race' not too far from you.  I rode it 2 years ago and hope to make it this summer. Don't worry - you won't be last.  That's my place
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