Trying to make a decision, my wife gave permission to buy a new bike. i have narrowed it to either a - Moots Psychlo X - more expensive - less to spend on wheels, fork, etc, or a Rove Ti - $1300 less - more to spend on wheels, fork, etc. My heart wants the Moots, my mind tells me the Rove.

What would you do?, why.

What I am using now, for a gravel race bike is a 2006 Cannondale Synapse(28s on the front- 30s on the back). Need a better dirt/gravel bike! My road race bike Cervelo R3.

To quote King Solomon, there is wisdom in a multitude of counselors.
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What a dilemma!  A Kona will never be a Moots…but there is no way a Moots is $1300 better.  If I had the cash to buy good wheels and components for the Moots, I would do it.  If I was going to have to put low-end wheels and components to afford the Moots, I would buy the nicely built Rove Ti.


One more thing.  If it was me, I would definitely opt for the 450 Chain stay option on the Moots to be able to fit a larger than 34mm tire – that would be a deal breaker for me.

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Dusty, yes, was planning on the longer stays. Too, was thinking on the YBB also, but changed my mind on that. Had the opportunity to look at the Moots and a Lynskey Cooper CX, Lynskey makes the Rove, and the Moots workmanship was amazing, the welds were better than the Lynskey. 
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I was looking at a Moots also but wished they would modify the Vamoots CR to accept fatter tires and disc of canti's and lower the BB. Only reason being is something built for more enduring comfort and handling rather than the relatively short cyclocross events.

Saved a couple grand and got a Soma TripleCross in stainless. Of course, since then we are starting to see more specific gravel builds so by this time next year we may have increased our choices.

You are thinking rightly to consider better wheels and components. The parts that go round make a big difference.

Good luck,
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