Walt Brown
Looking for some advice. I started consistently biking late last spring. Averaging 75-125 miles a week on my own. This year I'd like to do some group rides, a few New England gravel rides and maybe a Gran Fondo. I currently have a 2010 Giant Escape. My question is this, if I could buy one bike, which would be better:
1) buy a gravel oriented bike like the specialized Diverge/ GT Grade
2) buy a road bike like a Specialized Allez and turn the Escape into a gravel bike

If I modify the escape, what do I need to do?
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Personally, I'd get a do-anything bike like the Grade or the Diverge; keep the Escape as a commuter. "Gravel" bikes are really just great all-around bikes. The reviews of the Grade have been very complimentary; looks like the Diverge may be a bit sportier (shorter chainstays, etc.).
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I agree with Noah. Get a good all-arounder like a gravel/adventure bike or a CX bike. With either of those types of bike all you'd need to do is swap to a more road oriented tire and you're rolling. I would however recommend a second wheelset so all ya gotta do is swap wheels as opposed to tires every time. That will get old quick. 
I might also recommend cantis over discs. Not that I'm anti-disc, just that wheel swapping with disc brakes means you have to take a bit more care. 
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