I realise most cyclists will do anything to avoid wearing a pack, but I find them almost mandatory (for me) on really long rides/gravel races and bikepacking. Just seems easier to use a bladder and I find I drink more especially when on technical terrain. I've tried using a bladder in my frame bag, but I can't get along with it. I've read a couple of other threads here relating to packs, but hard to find actual recommendations on specific models.

For running I use an Ultimate Direction vest, and that may be the best bet for me, but I don't really love them on the bike - probably because they're designed for someone upright. I don't really need to carry anything other than a 2L bladder. EVOC do one that looks OK - any other suggestions please?

Thank you.
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I just did an 80 miler with a Camelback Rogue (1.5l).  I didn't like the way the hose snapped into the shoulder strap.  It was restricting flow when it was clipped in, and flopping around when it wasn't.  I was at race pace, so I wasn't able to clip it in/out when I needed it.
I ended up buying a Osprey Katari 1.5l, which uses a magnet to secure the hose to the shoulder strap.  I'll be using it for the first time Sunday.  It's very minimalist and I only anticipate using it for water.
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I have an Osprey Katari 1.5 and really like it!

BTW you can also buy some clip on magnets for the tube. Hydrapak and Platypus sell some for example.
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