Has anyone used these tires extensively on gravel?  What is your opinion of them?
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I ran these for awhile maybe 5oo miles mol. I was hoping they would be a good all around skinny tire. On the road they are very nice and quick tubeless, but I wouldn't call them a gravel tire. Sure you can go thru some rough patches but I wouldn't use them for any long runs.  
I would avoid any gravel/rough stuff after using them for awhile so I took them off because I didn't want to tiptoe thru the gravel.

There is a lot of crushed shell where I ride and both the front and back developed slow leaks in the tread. Plus they had a wobble out of the box. All in all they ran good on the road with or without tubes and stayed true to size tubeless. I wouldn't recommend them for gravel.  

I can recommend the Clement Strada ush in 32c but it puffs out a few more mm. 
I really like that tire a whole bunch, it could take some abuse on gravel,dirt. and only took it off to play with some 42's.  Schwalbe G-one series is another winner.
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