Picked up a set of these for my summer tire here in hot humid Florida. Read some good things about the non tubeless version prompting me to buy these. Plus they are available!  After only a few short rides I am very happy with them. They do most everything my Clement 35 USH tubed did but are lighter, faster and tubeless. Cost is reasonable,they aired up by hand pump and are solid on my stock rims aboard the Willard.

They mounted snuggly on my rims 21mm IW, the bead popped securely and hold air with minimum overnight loss.  Stans inside for extra protection. The tire is kind of sticky to touch. 


Squirrely in the loose stuff but better than expected for a micro tread 32c@ 50psi 

About 10 miles of gravelly packed shell limestone on my regular rides and 15 paved.
Only short stretches of above loose. THey handle well and hold the line. 

A family of Sandhill Cranes, They were scared protecting the baby , I waited for them to pass by.

Smooth riding on the finer packed stuff. Crushed shell can eat up a tire but so far these came thru without any cuts or anything.

About as good as can be expected in the gnarl. Slippy when climbing in loosey stuff. But good to know what it can take. 
Overall I am pleased with the Maxxis refuse TR in 32c. On pavement they are comfortable, smooth and fast. I have found it takes a tire several heat cycles for optimum performance. Judging so far these should be a very good tire.
Gravel cyclist has a professional review upcoming on the 40c version here:

Listed as a gravel tire @MAxxis
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Nice review Al - those look like very nice tires and well suited to purpose.  I'm sort of a Schwalbe guy and have been using the S-One @ 30c for all kinds of conditions.  I was sort of surprised at how capable they are off-road while rolling well on the road too.  Before I started riding gravel bikes, I thought I would want the largest tire I could fit.  And while that has it's usefulness, I seem to be doing fine with something smaller.  That said, I think 30 - 32 is the sweet spot for mixed road & trail use.  Then smaller for pure road and bigger for mostly trail.
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Hey Spoke,
I was in the market for the Schwalbe S-ones after reading your comments about them awhile back, but they just aren't available en masse yet. I agree about the 40's usage. Used sensibly you can do a lot of adventures with this type of tire setup. I have a set of Kenda flintridge pro 35c on order for any rough stuff and I want a set of Maxxis ramblers in 40c,then I should be good for just about anything, but I won't be taking these skinny bitches off anytime soon without a
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Yeah, it looks like they sold out of the 1st production run of the S-Ones.  Same thing happened w/the Pro-One in 25c which is what I plan to use on the pure road set.  I've got the G-One in 35c and some WTB Nano in 40c for the rough stuff.  I've not tried the G-Ones yet but the Nanos are very nice.  I've got them on the Niner RLT 9 Steel and the combo makes for a sublime ride.
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