Howdy gang,
I've had the Rambler 40's for a while now.  I'm back in my winter stomping grounds - the desert of south eastern California.  I'm always on the lookout for some new dirt to ride. I was doing a mostly road ride south of La Quinta/Indio and rode over by Lake Cahuilla.  There's a road over to a trailhead that I remembered and I decided to give it  go on the gravel bike and see how far I got.  Here's the road:
My goal was to ride until I got stuck and couldn't pedal figuring this would happen fairly quickly.  It was hot (near 90).  The Rambler 40's gave me just enough float that I could keep pedaling in my granny or next to granny gear.  I finally stopped near the end of the road and turned around before the next section which I knew from past experience was even softer.  Also, I was effing hot.

These tires continue to impress me.  I'd really like to try them on a wider rim (mine are 19mm inner) as if I air the rear down to 35 psi, it wallows noticeably so I now run the rear at 40 psi.
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+1 on the 40mm Ramblers. I run mine at 35/30. But I only weigh 145 pounds. Frankly, the roads I ride aren't as soft and sandy as you pictured. Ramblers run well on hardpack and pavement in my area --- but my recent tests of the new Gravel King 35mm tubeless seem much quicker for my maintained dirt and gravel in southern NH. I'll be trying them out on the beach at Hilton Head Island SC in a few weeks. I suspect that I'll be missing my Ramblers on the beach.
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