I cross posted this in another thread about the Roker Comp:

I'm hoping to buy a set of the original wheels from the 2016 Raleigh Roker Comp. Any chance someone here still has the original wheels from the 2016 Roker Comp and interested in selling? 

These were Weinmann Impulse TL wheels (which I think use the Novatec D771/D772 Hubs). That rim just happens to allow the tires I want to use to barely fit in my steel frame Raleigh CX bike, and I have the same hubs in some other wheels so it makes it very easy for me to service them without having to buy yet more expensive tools 😉

I'm interested in purchasing them (or trading a very similar set of wheels PLUS cash). 

For Trade: I also have a pair of the very similar Weinmann Impulse TLs that have zero miles - these ones have slightly beefier spokes, 2.0 instead of the stock 1.8, & nicer Japanese EZO bearings than the no-name one that came stock in the OEM Raleigh wheels). 

I'd trade these plus add some cash on top to close the deal if interested, please let me know! Thanks!
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I would think any 21mm inside width rim will give you the same results.  Would you consider a different wheelset instead?  IMG_20180611_125955672.jpg 
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