Here is something I have begun the beginning steps of organizing:

Go to the About, Rules, and FAQ pages to learn about the event.....(the rest of this blog has been transmorgified into a personal blog of mine for rando and gravel rides).

I would love to hear thoughts on the format and rules, and if ultradudes in the mid atlantic region (or beyond) would be interested.

I am hoping to get a trial version of it going this summer some time. Just trying to drum up a little interest. Would need a 6-12 people, I figure, to make it 'make sense'.

For folks not in the know, Rothrock State Forest is a pretty well known mountain biking area, and several long events are held there each year, including the Wilderness 101 and the Stoopid 50. This would likely involve much less rocky singletrack (none, proabably...or perhaps a token mile or two) and much more paved road and fire road (dirt / gravel).

It's an amazing area, really...

Here are a few pics to wet your appetites:






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Sounds like an interesting event.  What month are you thinking about doing the ride?
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I am open to suggestion.  If I can get a enough people tentatively interested, I'd put it to a vote.

If there was no clear winner, I would likely choose a late August or early September date.
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I realize this post is going on a year old, but...I think the race as described on your site is a great idea. I'd love for it to happen.

I just moved to the area from the midwest, where grassroots, free gravel events are common. Since arriving here I've found a few fun sounding races that I'm planning to do, but I feel that options are limited compared to some other parts of the country.

This race could help fill a niche for the area...
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I guess that's because there isn't much 'gravel culture' here to speak of.  Folks ride off road on single track or they stick to pavement.   One or the other. There aren't many people around who enjoy the wide middle ground and/or mixed-surface cycling.  If there were, the events would exist.  I haven't been able to drum up much interest.  I probably haven't tried hard enough, either, though.
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