Please recommend a saddle from $40-$150.  I am 5'9" / 175-180 #s,  53 years old, ride,tour,trekking on mixed terrain of Pennsylvania dirt/grave country roads, Allegany National Forest service/fire roads, country pavement.  I use a flat riser,sweep bar with bar end's.  My back angle is 45 degree's.  I take a 155mm seat as measured on a @$$ - o - meter (chuckle.
I only wear padded riders under shorts maybe 25% of the time?
I don't care what the material is.  

Grips -
I use Spesh B.G. ergo's (thin) on a flat,riser,slight sweep XCM bar with bar ends.  I wear gloves with gell.  Would I see a wow factor difference with the German made cork/rubber/ergo's (forget the company name?)

Enjoy the outdoors....
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i use Ergon grips in one way shape or form on almost every flat or riser bar in my stable.  saddle suggestions are hard.....brooks b17 or b17 imperial......or a selle anatomica titanico X.   i really like the Ergon saddle too.....

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