I know that certain combinations of tires/rims can be brutal to mount. For the mtb, I have some banged up WTB rims that most tires go on really easy. Stan's rims? Not so much. 

If you have experience with LB rims, can you chime in about ease of mounting tires? Thanks
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I have a set of LB wheels, it really depends on the tires.  I have mounted Panaracer Gravel Kings (32mm and 38mm slicks) and Maxxis Ramblers (40mm) and don't recall having any major issues.  Compass Snoqualamie Pass (44mm) were a different story, they required alot of effort and cursing to get them on there.  My thumbs are still sore...

The wheels have been fantastic, no issues with several thousand miles.
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WTB Exposure 30 mm and WTB Riddler 45 mm...both extremely difficult on LB wheels.
Gravelking 43 mm a bit easier. Challenge Strada Bianca 33 mm and Schwalbe Marathon Winter 35 and 42 mm rather easy.
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Jumbo Jim 4.4a are fairly loose on 85mm LB rims.
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Using 22mmInner hookless CarbonFan rims. 

Similar to the above, in that the Rene Herse tubeless tyres e.g. 32mm/35mm, I had to resort to using a tyre plier (X-Tools) for initial install, which made the job easy. Great tool to have. 

Installing them a second time a couple of months after they'd stretched, could do that by hand just, with a tight fit.
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JCU Delt Ox
I just mounted WTB Exposure 700cx36 Tanwall on a set of LB WR45 (i25) rims this weekend.  I was able to do everything by hand with a floor pump and had zero issues.  I learned a technique about pulling the tire from the opposite side and working around to the tight side that has worked on just about every tire in the last few years from road-gravel-MTB.  Just one small leak at the bead that needed a few seconds of sealant and the rest was smooth sailing. IMG_20200422_194554.jpg  IMG_20200423_190233.jpg 
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I just mounted a set of Steilacoom on my LB wheels and didn't have much of a problem. Of course, lots of dishwashing soap, a dry towel, and the heels of my hands helped. FWIW...for that last section of the tire, I wrap the towel around the tire and push it with heels of my hands.
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