Looking for a route, gravel or mixed surface, from Lansing to La Crosse. I hate the idea of riding Hwy 35 in Wisconsin up to La Crosse but getting further east up along the driftless ridges may be an option.
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You'd be better off going up the MN side if you want to get more gravel than pavement.  I've ridden my moto on both sides and coming down from Mpls we were on probably 80% dirt and going up through that section of WI was probably 80% paved.  I don't have a route for you but it'd be easy to scout one on google maps.

Good luck!

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I drive between Lansing and LaCrosse at least 6-8x per year up the river road on the Iowa/MN side, which I’ve always wanted to bike.  Alas I know this is a gravel forum!    I would think any gravel route to include some major hills among the bluffs but the views are spectacular.
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