iam planing to build a go further as we right know light bikepacking bike.
so as of course many frame , and frame sets showed up.
Like Bombtrack hook ext , and hook ext c, crust bombora, Veloci Jimmy , fatchance chris Cross, niner rlt Steel ( stupid pf), Björn bike , Fairlight secan and some more, but finally I was very interested in this knolly cache, as specially in the steel version.

i will building this up for my girlfriend, she is about 170 cm in height so I guessed a 54 frame should fit , even the 56 looks also interesting by the numbers..

but as I planning to fit the biggest 650b tires they can fit, hopefully at leas something like Schwalbe g one bite 2.1 and compass 48 , 
i am curious about pedaling and handling in total and in the curves with this geo and especially with a bb of 75 . 

And planing to use a different fork, like curves gxr or if it will ever be in the aftermarket sale , waxwing , or niners rlt 2020,

so trying to get the thing as supple as possible and fun to ride , also without some small bags would be the goal.

it would be great to get some thoughts of you here in the forum , and I am happy to hear from you. 
All the best 

and if anyone need some information or experience on a Lynskey gr with massive g ones 2.1 I can tell you a nice story, incl. pictures in the field.

greetings from vienna  
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