My seatpost of choice was and still is a Ergon CF3 Pro (aka Canyon VCLS 2.0) seatpost but I had an opportunity to test and compare it to Kinekt spring based suspension from Cirrus Cycles. As it turned out it was in some cases (like slow forest road with a lot of tree roots) more comfortable than my Ergon and in some cases (like fast gravel route) a liitle bit less. But to me the biggest drawback of this saddle (apart from its weight) is that you can definetely feel that it is based on springs (bounciness) and a occasionaly bootoming out issue (when you hit a big pothole). Now I am waiting for Cane Creek eeSilk to arrive for testing. This should be interesting 🙂 In a meantime you can read my full review of Kinekt 2.1 here: https://gravelbikes.cc/tests/kinekt-2-1-suspension-seatpost-review/
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you have been busy!  
I like the VCLS 1.0, cause it has 90% of the effectiveness of 2.0, but not the wierdness of the two piece design.

I guess the 1.0 costs a couple of thousand dollars, which is kinda steep.  But when I paid several thousand dollars for it, I got a free pro level Canyon bike with the seat post, LOL.
(in other words, they don't sell this great seat post separate from the bike)
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