Hello! I am hoping to get some good/bad feedback from anyone running KCNC razor rotors.

I put together a gravel wheelset recently. The shop I bought the rims from had these rotors, and they are very inexpensive and very light - so I bought them.

Installed with new pads. Made sure to clean the rotors with scotchbrite pads and iso-alcohol afterwards.

And they work great! They sound kind of rough under heavy braking.

Its the lack of material that has me concerned. I live in Toronto, Ontario and there aren’t any serious changes in elevation here. But when I take this bike to Rooted Vermont in the summer... with REAL descents... am I going to be smoking these things out and regretting all my life decisions?

Thanks, hoping there’s some real world feedback on these things from the gravel community.

For reference I’m 155lbs if that matters. 160f/140r diameters.
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Ran those for a year with various pads. 140lb. 

Quite often doing long descents. Did the job ok for me. Switched out to a heavier 2mm rotor with more material in it to grab onto, which obviously has more bite. 
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Any lightweight rotor like that will have less stopping power because of less surface area, and less material to dissipate heat.  They also wear out pads faster.  But if you don’t need a lot of braking power the trade off for the light weight may be worth it.
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I run super light Ashimas on my gravel bike.  They're fine for events or normal rides but they get hot and braking becomes a shuddery fight against death if I do hill repeats on hot days.


That was at 200 lbs and city street hills, so going down 15% grades to stop signs then back up without a lot of time for the rotors to cool down.

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