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Nice! I ended up paying 4x that for the "Garmin-approved" PowerMonkey battery which did not have the micro-USB, just a mini-USB, so I had to track down an adapter and taped it on - so, super-janky AND expensive. That said, I was able to get through 16.5 hours with a fully functioning Garmin (520 - though it did miss a couple turn warnings) and enjoyed the hell out of myself. Next time I'll try this anker battery as it looks more compact and lighter. 

Thanks to everyone who posted their setup tips! I got through the entire 206 miles with zero gear issues and had a great time in Emporia. I'm only a little hesitant to go back because this year was so perfect with the conditions and weather that I just know the race-gods will unleash a muddy death-march on me if I return!
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