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I'm also interested in this bike. I think I want a steel bike with a threaded BB that can be taken out on a 100mi gravel ride and also used to bike camp. I have  a 2002 Jamis Eclipse and its been bullet proof. I've ridden with too many folks on press fit BBs that creek. Given those criteria what is the mainstream  competition? thanks.
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I haven't ridden the 9er or Jamis.  But I did look at a lot of bikes and the Spec. Sequoia really surprised me.  Super comfy - I just thought -> hey, this is a bike I could literally ride all day long.   I ended up getting something lighter and more agile, but if I wanted a steel endurance type bike, this would be at the top of my list.
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pauley wrote:
 The 38x11 top gear on the new Escapade seems a little low to me.

I would think that most people want a bike that can climb easier than one that can hammer harder (especially with steel).

I'm a fairly strong rider, but I can do everything I want solo on a 36x11.   Faster than that and I'm just coasting.  I do need (and use) my bigger chain ring for fast paved group rides, but rarely shift out of my 36t chain ring riding solo.

I do think it is odd when they sell gravel bikes with a 53t chainring though...
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Hello Badgerhoo
If I could ride only on gravel with my Renegade, I probably would. And then a 38X11 would be just fine. But to get to gravel roads and sometimes riding in between them I am on pavement maybe 40% of the time. That's when I think I would spin out sometimes with a top gear of less than 100 gear inches. 
 When I bought my Exploit which came with a Shimano 105 50/34 compact I had them switch a 46 for the 50t ring and swap in an 11-36 cassette for the more standard 11-32. The 46X11 is just about right for long paved descents and occasionally on smooth dirt downhills too.  
Anyhow, since you are going to be doing some bike packing and generally don't seem to think the bike will see much pavement, then I can see where a 38X11 tall gear might be enough.
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