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I must have been looking at a 10 speed cassette sequence that goes 11-12-14-16. The 11 I just looked at goes 11-12-13-14-16 so that makes more sense. Trading the 11 for a 15 is a good move.

I've been able to run second position cogs in the first position - obviously it doesn't have the knurled interface but I haven't had it loosen up at all after several years. This is on an 8 speed cassette, so maybe there's something new on the 11s that I don't know about.
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I didn't want to risk it with the 12 with no knurling, at least not on a bike that's going to get bounced around a lot. The 2nd position 13 has the spacer built-in, where the original cog did not. I definitely like having the 15; I'm primarily a roadie and I like small gearing jumps. This cassette keeps it tight in the range that I use most on the road. I had no use at all for the 11 and the 46x12 is almost identical to the 50x13 that I typically run as my top gear on the road. I actually would have preferred a 44t outer chainring, but they're not available on the FSA crank.
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