Rashad F
Good golly Miss Molly!!!! I went back to Boulder and took the Revolt Advanced out for another spin. I also found out the same shop happened to have a Hakka MX built up in my size (which is rare since I am on the smaller bike end of the spectrum). I took both out and actually liked the Hakka MX the most out of all of the bikes I have tested thus far.

It is a very different ride than the Revolt. It’s all race bike, the cyclocross heritage definitely reveals itself right from the beginning. That means this thing takes off like a scalded cat without much effort. It also means that comfort is very much a secondary concern. Having ridden both back to back the Hakka makes the Revolt feel pretty sluggish. It also makes the Revolt feel really comfortable and smooth. The Hakka MX was definitely the lightest of all the bikes I have looked at as well and I really liked the feel of a lighter gravel bike. That it comes with a T47 threaded bracket just ups the coolness factor.

If gravel racing, chasing PRs, fast group rides, and a few cyclocross races each season are your thing, get out and test a Hakka MX for sure. If you mostly want comfort for long and fast gravel excursions, seriously consider a Diverge, and if you want something in the middle, take a look at the Revolt Advanced. That’s my two cents anyway.

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