Hahaira Georgia, just off of I-75 north of Valdosta is home to the Honey Bee Stinger Gravel Event.  The 67 mile route is 80% off road with the predominant surface being clay.
And they are great roads.


The ride started from a park just west of town.  Cloudy and 48 with a steady breeze.

The promoter is a heck of a nice guy and had things set up perfect.  I had down loaded the route but saw orange arrows painted on the roads at major turns.  Nice.

I had no ambition nor the legs to run up front so I settled into a "touring pace".  Lots of old abandoned houses and barns.  Beautiful south Georgia country.

There was a water stop at about 35 miles with sag bags and neutral water supplied.  i took the opportunity to shed my jacket and stretch a bit. honey3.JPG 
Don't pay any attention the water in the photo above.  It was the only wet spot on the course.  It was followed by a mushy sand section about 50' long which was the only time I had to get off the bike.  I wasn't the only one judging by the amount of foot

prints. honey4.JPG 

I'll admit a little hate started creeping in at mile 55.  The wind, which was of course at our backs going out, had turned into a head wind and was taking a toll on my legs.  There's always a point on these longer rides where I get a little aggravated.  I munched on a chew and started to feel better. honey1.JPG 
There was a store on route which made for a nice place to take a break.

I'll admit to not wanting another mile as we returned to the start.  Even though it was fairly flat my legs were shot.   honey2.JPG 
I have done our home clay ride, the Dirty Spaghetti, and the Heart breaker clay event in Gainesville Fl. and this ride has everything in place to be a major event.

I'm too lazy to post the route but you can look on the Book of Faces under the title and get more information.  There's a reason these type rides are gaining traction.  They are just plain fun.
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Good stuff normanhavana. Thanks for sharing. Nice looking bike too
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