The regional trail between Boulder and Longmont Colorado has developed some long sections of deep mud having the consistency of pudding. All my normal gravel tires (Clement MSO for instance) load up and turn into slicks. I need something that will give me some traction, but not cause me to wipe out on icey paved sections. I can clear anything up to 40 mm, wider in front.

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Route selection might be the better choice here; can you use the diagonal with a single studded tire up front? This way you get the traction when and where you need it without sacrificing too much speed/weight of dual studded tires. Riding through pudding sounds terrible, no matter the tire. However, hugging the shoulders/going off trail in order to preserve the trail might also be the choice. Which of course brings the question, should the trail even be open? But if you're dead set on you current route: try a tire that has the tread patter spaced further apart, this will allow for better mud shedding properties. I've been using the Nano's and they are pretty freaking awesome but! I haven't spent much time in pudding...
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