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jeanjacques wrote:

V1 or V2 ? And did you ride it ? The V1 is one of the lightest ti gravel frame due to butted tube (even on custom frame, it's not common).

It's the V2. I didn't even set it up. I unwrapped the frame, put a seatpost in it, and sat it on a set of rims. It just seemed too big, and the size down seemed too small. The seatpost only had about 4" of post showing (which has no bearing on anything but just looks odd to me). It also looked like I would need to use about a 70mm stem which seemed far too short. The frame is still sitting there (around 12months) waiting for me to eventually move it on. It has almost everything that I want and by all reviews is a great frame. I'm just not in love with it. I can't exactly pin down why. 
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For the stem, and it's helpful for your first question on this thread, the geometry of the ATR have a long top tube and it have to match with a short stem. The idea is to have the stability and toe clearance of a slack head tube (high trail) but get back responsiveness by this short stem (MTB inspired geometry).
For the seatpost, it's normal to have it shorter because of the low BB but normally it's higher on the V2 and it don't have to be as short as you describe. Sure you put it right ? With a low BB it's a good idea to put short crank and 165mm it's plenty enough: ground and toe clearance, saddle little higher, better hip mouvement, more easy to get low on the drop without have knee on the chest, etc.
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