I’ve been using a compact aluminum road bar on my current cyclocross bike for the last 7 years. I use this bike on both dirt and road and no issues. I’m building up a new frame with disc wheels etc. and noticed many gravel riders are using bars especially geared for riding off road. Salsa Cowbell and Ritchie Venture come to mind. However I saw an awesome buy on an Easton EC70 road compact bar (have on my current road bike) and as thinking of getting it for my new gravel bike. Thoughts?
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Do those have any flair at the ends? 

If not, I'd probably want something with at least a little for the build.

If you're fine without a deep cable channel, the compact carbon 420mm bar below has an oval swept-back top, with 6/7 degree of flair. 210gm.

I find it very comfy on the tops. How does that compare for price?:-

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I swapped my stock (road bend) bars for the EC90s I had on my old road bike. I mostly just ride on the hoods, but both those bars seemed really "fidgety" in the drops. I could cruise on the drops, but if I had to put much of any effort into pedaling, it just felt too twitchy... and I've ridden drop bars for years.

Got a set of EA70AXs last week and put them on, and I find them more comfortable on the hoods, and night and day more stable feeling in the drops. I could actually ride the drops, even if I was actually putting some effort in, and they felt about as stable as being on the hoods in the rough.

Granted I only have one ride on them, but so far I'm wishing I knew about flared drops sooner... I'd probably have sacrificed "aero" and put them on my road bike years ago. Definitely not regretting getting the EA70s (that I could afford, couldn't swing $$$ for new EC90s) and giving up whatever vibration damping I was getting with my old carbon bars.
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If the EC70 has a similar shape to the bars you've been using, there's no reason that it wouldn't be every bit as comfortable unless it's simply too stiff. That's something that can be an issue with carbon bars (ignore, the "vibration damping" claims, they're complete BS), which is why I prefer aluminum (3T ErgoSum to be specific). I've been riding gravel with 44cm compact road bars for years and I don't feel like I need to change anything, as they're comfortable and I have plenty of control. Others may prefer different shapes, but that's why there are lots of options on the market.
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