Hello Gravel dudes,
I'm planning to get a gravel bike soon and tire size is kinda important as I want to run 45+s,1.8+s on it. On paper the revolt has 47, omni with 45, and haanjo 42 of tire clearance. Has anyone tried to fit tires bigger than the bikes recommended tire specs? like 2.0s on the revolt/omni and 1.8s on haanjo. If so, how tight is the fit? btw im going to do 1x nw setup so no interference with fd. I just want to know other peoples experiences fitting 29er xc tires on these bikes. thanks a bunch.
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If the bike is designed for 700x40c tires, and you want more volume, I would suggest 650b wheels with 2.0 tires. Adding 2.0 tires to the stock rims might raise the center of gravity too much with the added circumference.
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