Newbie question:

Apart from the obvious, 10 speed vs 11 speed, is the 600 provide a much better riding experience?

I'm looking to get my first gravel bike and I've done a lot of road riding before with some high-end group sets (Dura Ace/RED) but my budget doesn't stretch that far anymore.

I'm looking at the Scott Speedster Gravel 30, which comes with GRX400 and I'm trying to figure out if its going to irritate me.

I don't have the opportunity to take it for a test ride and the groupset is really my biggest concern. 
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I found that the difference between 400 & 600 is greater than the difference between 600 & 800. But with that said 400 wasn't bad at all. It shifts reliably and works fine. Just don’t expect the crispness of Dura-Ace, but that same crispness is often hard to replicate with long cage derailers and wide range cassettes. The braking on 400 is solid. I’d say go for it, run it for the season and have some fun.
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