Check out my gravel vid. In the UK. It's called the Cinder Track, and is a 20 miles long. mixed-use super-scenic route. Horse riders, walkers, families etc. But go there mid-week, you will pretty much have it to yourself. Just show respect to other users you come across!

Sustrans have it in their sights. They want to turn it into a £7million  smooth cyclists highway. Your comments welcome on Youtube... 

PS Apologies, this should have been under "Gravel Riding"
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Love this track. Think it's great as it is and it would be a shame if Sustrans messed around with it. Can be a nightmare nearer to Scarborough with dog walkers, but (as you say) you just have to pick your moment to avoid human traffic.

PS, just for the sake of being pedantic, surely you mean the Yorkshire coast. I think of the North East as the Northumberland coast 🤔
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