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Barrettscv wrote:
While ready reviews on the Boone, the articles mentioned that a 700x32 is standard with about 10mm clearance on each side. You rims are tubeless ready. I'd suggest the 700x36 Clement MSO. This tire will give you increased volume and excellent traction on gravel. It's moderately fast rolling on pavement, better than most other gravel tires. Run these tires tubeless. I've participated in the Rocheport Roubaix, the Red Dog Gravel race out of Jefferson City, and the Cuba Gravel Crisis in the Ozarks. I have seen numerous participants with flat tires. This is almost always caused by using tubes and pinch flating. Missouri Gravel can be soft and often includes an uneven substrate.

I have done all of those same races and, one in Georgia and a lot of grinding in Alabama on some pretty knarly rock/gravel and even some sandy stuff - my Maxxis Ramblers (tubeless) in 40 ran amazing over this wide variety of terrain - they even shed muck pretty well too (some of that Alabama/Georgia moon dust clay/mud).  Obviously these may not be an option if a bike doesn't allow 40's but I have been very impressed with their utility in many conditions - they also roll pretty damn well as I have been up to around 40mph on them (paved road) on the Femme Osage route.  I switched them out for the WTB Resolute - which is an amazing tire, but they ballooned out to nearly 45mm and any much on the side knobs rubs the chain stays on my old Eddie Merckx Cross bike.  The Resolute and the Rambler are very similar in tread design - I would go with the Resolute if they would fit just because the are a bit tougher and wider.  But I still love the Rambler - probably what I will go back to and hope they will perform well at Land Run (50) this year - conditions depending of course.  If it is wet, I may go to a mud specific tire like the GK Mud or something similar.
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Has anyone actually ran the Ravager front/Rambler rear combo?  I dearly love my Rambler 40's - it just does everything well.  I am really curious about this combo though.  A lot of gravel events in the midwest (MO/IL) tend to have fair amount of on road connections 30% or so and gravel conditions can vary widely as well - as others pointed out.  I've ridden some knarly stuff down in Alabama and Georgia as well and I have rarely found the Rambler wanting.  Sure it will slip a little in the rear on really steep gnarly inclines - but show me a better all around tire that doesn't.  It is rather predictable in the corners and holds better probably better than my bravery to push the limits bombing down curvy downhills.  Anyway - any feedback on the mixed combo?  Did you also run both Rambler or Ravager on both ends to compare the mixture?
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I have ramblers and have used a more aggressive 43mm tire on the front for rough roads and single track.  It gives me more bite and more cush.  
I'm fine with the ramblers on gravel roads, but if I think I'm going to be going sideways or taking bigger hits, I'll go larger up front (I don't want and can't fit a bigger tire in the rear)

The ramblers are great tires - smooth rolling and very light weight.  I race gravel & CX on them.  I have the impression they are fragile, but I haven't had any problems.

I have G-ones also - which seem to have tougher sidewalls  - in that they hold air well with no sealant (unlike the rambler), but bike radar dinged them for getting flats?

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Mr E
I have a 2016 Boone 7 canti

I run handmade Challenge Gravel Grinders in 36 with Challenge latex tubes. So far so good!

I also like the Bontrager CX0 in 38mm. Neither are available in tubeless, nor are my HED Belgium rims. The Plus are but not the regulars.

At 175lbs, I run these tires at about 35psi.

Not absolutely sure on clearance on the disc, but I wouldn't run any larger than 38s on my canti bike.
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