J. Peel
I'm going to be visiting the GC on my way to the Crippler Gravel race in Co on Sept 30.  I'd like to find some short-ish routes to do when we're not exploring the hiking trails.

If anyone has experience in the area I'd appreciate some recommendations.

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Much of the North Rim is not in the GCNP but is Kaibab National Forest.  Lots of typical fire roads all over the place.  The trail that is relatively easy to access is the Rainbow Rim Trail.  I think it is about 21 miles long of single/double track.  Easy to follow, STUNNING views, free camping if you want, do NOT plan on finding any water.  It can be done in a day, but we took two to enjoy the vistas and bikepacking relaxation.  The end near Timp Point has a new extension, but I haven't ridden that side. 

The Arizona Trail is also really close but we were on our gravel bikes and decided it might be a little over our heads with the skinnies.  There are lots of videos on youtube under Rainbow Rim Trail.  I found the North Kaibab Ranger Station to be super helpful for our trip.  Late Sept should be awesome weather.  We went the second week in October - missed the monsoons but had pretty chilly nights. 

We came in from the Hurricane side and it was an easy drive in.  Good luck!


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J. Peel
Awesome!  Thanks for the intel [thumb]
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