Haven't posted this over here but I got it about six months ago to "replace" my Toughroad GX. The Bike came with Sora and FSA components but I really wanted GRX so I got it.Running a 42t front that I can swap with a 40t if I ever need to, and running 11-46 in the rear. I think the entire upgrade process costed around $750-800 IIRC which makes this a sub-$2000 GRX bike.

Running my old Ground Control 1.9s. There about 48.5mm wide on these (19mm) rims. Should be replacing them with either the 47mm Specialized Tracer Pros or Teravail Rutlands. Not sure which to pick but I'm leaning towards the Rutlands.

I also have 650b wheels that I plan on running "Road-plus". Again can't decide between Vittoria Terreno Drys or Panaracer GK SKs (I have the red version as shown below). I have been able to run a 50mm rear and 55mm front tire combo if anyone was curious.

IMG_3699.jpg  IMG_3700.jpg  IMG_3701.jpg  IMG_3702.jpg  IMG_3613.jpg 
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