what tires tend to have the tightest-fitting bead, conducive to a tubeless conversion on a non-tubeless rim?

I am looking at WTB Riddler 37mm or GravelKing SK in a 35 or 38mm size.

I tried a 40mm MSO as well as a 40mm Flintridge on my bike and the width is too much for the chainstays, so i am going to stick to <38mm tires.

I have used 35mm Cross Boss tires with good success on non-tubeless rims in the past, so I feel confident that the TCS bead works pretty well. I just wanted to know how the Gravelking tubeless tire compares in that regard.

also, I have a 45mm Riddler, which will fit in the fork. I know because I put a 29x2.1 Thunder Burt (just for grins) on this bike and fit it on the front. it barely cleared the inside of the fork, so 45mm should be no problem. anything undesirable about such a drastic difference with a 45mm front and 35mm rear tire?

more background- I just bought a Traitor Crusade single-speed cyclocross bike. It came with Weinmann DA-19 rims, which have an internal width of 19.70mm according to Weinmann. so far as i can tell, this rim has a deep channel.

the bike also came with Kenda Kommando Pro 32mm tires. these are surprisingly supple and ride nicely but they fit LOOSE on this rim. so much so that it's a pain to get the tire seated properly until you inflate them to 80psi or so. I have no illusions that these will be good tubeless tires, but they will work until I figure that out.
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Most important thing is that you get a tubless tire - one where the bead will not stretch.

oversized wheels help too.  That is how Stan's does it.

I have a set of Schwalbe G-ones that are very tight.  I had them set up on a tubless rim nicely.  I then tried a traditional rim, and just could not get the second bead over the rim, after trying off and on for a week.  Just getting the first bead on was almost impossible.  I did mount them to a second set of traditional rims (with some effort).   I have heard of people having them "blow off" of some rims, but my problem is just the opposite.
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Celement / Donnelly 35mm USH or 36mm MSO are both great tires - no sure if they are available tubeless.
I've had both non-tubeless in 120tpi and was very impressed on my CX bike.

Running Clement 650bx42 MSO tubeless now on a Cannondale Slate - favorite tire.
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