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DrSpoke wrote:
A good friend of mine knows Mikey from way back in the day - mountain biking back in the 80s.  He has one of the road frames set up SS w/flat bars & fenders that he keeps at his office.  So we noticed a bit of rust in a few areas a couple months ago.  I told him I'd help him build a new one so he bought a new one - the orange Molteni Merckx version.  I picked up the frame and fork from him on Friday and I must say it's a beautiful frame.  And I must confess I want one.  I'm sure the cross frames are great frames too.  And there may be one of those in my future once the disc brake version come out - especially if they're thru axle.

You're going to like it.

Hi DrSpoke - thanks. BMC Monster Cross may be in my future as well. But, I'd like to stick with canti's for as long as Paul keeps making MinoMoto linear pull brakes.
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