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???  Are you looking for a carbon frame? The 2019 Norco Search XR steel frame set is $1,050. My 2018 Search XR steel bike came with 700c x 40, and i now have 650b wheels, with 47 tires on it. I could easily fit 2.1 or 2.2 tires...

eric/fresno, ca.

How do you like the Search XR in steel? I've got my eye on this bike and trying to suss it out. I'm down to the Norco Threshold and the Search XR. Clearance up to 40mm was what I was looking for. And for use of gravel, road and some cross races. The only reason I'm not 100% sold on the Threshold is I'm worried the 570mm stack might be too aggressive for longer rides. I currently ride a 2013 Giant Defy with a 586mm stack and not sure if that's a big difference 
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I just couldn't walk away for $2000.

Rival 1 rd, cassette, dropper seatpost are on the way. Waiting on a special crown race so I can install the Fox AX.

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