Goat Head
I have a few Revelate Designs Ranger Frame Packs that I have no need for.

They are all black.

Sizes Small, Medium and an XL

New/Unused, no tags or packaging though.

You can check here for info - https://www.revelatedesigns.com/index.cfm/store.catalog/Frame-Bags/full-frame-bags

I'm not a retailer or anything like that, just some changes in plans and don't need them.

PM me for more info.  PayPal and I'll cover shipping.

$110.00 each for the M and XL,  $100 for the S

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Hey Goat Head, 
Thanks for posting. 
There is a classifieds section for this kind of thing.

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Goat Head
Thanks.  didn't see it the first time around, was way at the bottom there…  I'll repost and this thread can be deleted if you would like.  Cheers
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Thanks. No problem. I'll just leave it here too. Can't hurt. 

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