Has anyone rode both of these? I'm trying to decide which frame to build.

I currently use a 29r set up 1x10 38 ring 11x36 cassette. What is the opinion of the Sram CX1 drivetrain for people who have used it? I love the simplicity of a 1x drivetrain. I am also looking at maybe using a Sram Force 2x11 but I'm not entirely sure that I want or need a 2x. Plus I like the thru axle on the Harrow fork that comes with that frameset.

The biggest reason for the not sure is I and a few friends are planning a trip to Colorado next summer. Then doing some gravel road rides to include. Riding from Fremont up the Phantom Canyon Road to Cripple Creek. From the Garden of The Gods up Rampart Range Road to Woodland Park. There are steady long climbs on these rides.

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I built an auger with cantis and have over 3500 miles on it. With a handful of races. I like it a lot. It's fast, climbs like a dream and is relatively stable at speed. However on very loose or peanut butter mud and at high speed it can be twitchy. The geometry could be changed for all day racing with a bit more comfort. Lower BB and more upright. My build is pretty light also.

Frame- auger canti
Fork- whiskey 7
Headset- cane creek 40
Stem- Thomson
Bars- salsa cowbell 2
Shifters/BL- rival carbon (10 sp)
Brakes- Paul touring cantis
Post: Thomson elite
Seat: wtb rocket with ti rails
Cranks- shimano cx70
BB- Chris king PF (after going through 3 FSA PF bottom brackets in one season there is no other bottom PF bb that I would use other than King, not 1 problem!!!!!!)
F.der- shimano ultegra
R.der- SRAM force
Cassette- shimano ultegra
Chain- dura ace 10
Wheels- fulcrum cx with upgraded bearings
Tires- depends on time of year but overall I use the challenge gravel grinders the most. Can't say enough good things about it. Best tire I have used so far. Have kenda small blocks, conti cyclo speed, conti x king, clement las. They wear very well and perform in a wide variety of conditions. GTs review was solid.
The max tire clearance is 38 in the rear, but up front you can do a 40.

The bikes soaks up a considerable of wash board gravel, etc... I do wish and desire more clearance for the rear so I can add more tire volume in March and April riding here in MN.

Hope this helps
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Geometries of the two are practically identical. It's all about the fork and component package. Foundry needs to change it up a bit. The auger should be designed for all day in the saddle, not necessarily 1 hr sessions on the cross course like the harrow.
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