Has anyone ridden Focus Paralane? Focus places Paralane in the road endurance cateogry however Jeremy's Powers ride showed in youtube took place in typical gravel environment...

I am asking because I am still not sure which gravel bike is currently the best (whatever the best means [wink]
I have been thinking about Open, Ridley, Scott, Focus and Spec. Still decision is not made...

PS. here is my reading to read in bad [smile]
 Open UPRidley X-TrailScott Addict Gravel 20 DiscFocus PararelSpecialized Diverge
Frame sizeLMLL56
Top tube570565568560565
Head tube angle72.571.5717272.5
Seat tube angle72.5737373.573.25
Chain stay length420422422415415
BB drop7072687576
Head tube155165160180165
Fork length395  383390
Fork rake50  4651
Fender mountsNoYesNoYesYes
Recommended tire width (F/B)40/4038/36?35/3535/35

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Hi. I have a Paralane. I would say it leans more towards a road bike than what many would consider a gravel bike, but that depends on YOUR gravel I guess.

It can fit 35c tires but not a ton of clearance if that's a concern for you. I have a set of Clement USH 35 tubeless on there now and there is a few mm clear on either side where the chainstays meet the bb. I have a 2nd set of wheels with 34c Bontrager CX0s which is a file tread with a small side known and those fit fine too. I've ridden some fire trails and easy single track on it and it's done fine.

I have about 800 miles on the bike so far and really like it. It's smooth, as advertised. It fits a big enough tire for 99% of my roads (mid Atlantic pavement, dirt and fire roads) and feels good while doing it.

As a comparison I also have a GT Grade and while the GT looks beefier, they have roughly the same clearance. The GT feels a little more like an off road bike and handles a little slower, while the Focus feels more roadie with snappier acceleration and handling - but really not too different. The Focus feels like a more refined, sleek Grade IMO.

Both bikes leave me wanting a little more in terms of clearance and, I guess, versatility. I'd like to have the option of fitting a larger tire like a 40c or even a fatter 650b like on the Open UP, but for the price and how I actually ride, the Paralane is the right idea for me.

Hope that helps.
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Great write up on the Paralane, I have been looking for the "right" gravel do all bike and the longer I look more bikes have been added to my list. I think the deal breaking like you said was the limit on tire size. 40mm seems to be average standard on most bikes. My short list of bikes are: Eddy merckx Strasbourg (Carbon), Santa Cruz stigmata, Salsa warbird and the Scott addict xc. Really focused in on the Merckx, but there's really not much info. out there from our fellow gravel riders. Cheers..

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If you can get by with a smaller tire you might consider the Focus Cayo - a friend has one of these and is riding 32c Challenge road tires. There's still some clearance for gravel/mud so a 32c gravel tire might be tight.  To be clear, this is his road bike which is plenty fast in the hills or hammering in a peloton of racers.  He upgraded to CF wheels and just swaps tires depending upon the type of ride.

IMHO the right bike just depends upon the roads, your style, and your size.  I've got a ti Dean Torres which just barely fits the Clement Xplor 40's (read: no clearance for mud, but I never ride this bike in mud so not a problem).  Many friends get by just fine with smaller 33 mm CX/gravel tires, but I prefer the extra float and cushion.

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Currently using 32c kenda's smallblock tires on my old spooky cross. I ride mostly on double wide gravel roads which I can navigate easily. Looking to upgrade to tackle some light single track as well as faster type gravel grinder events. 
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