A couple of years ago someone gave me 2 Trek 700 Multi-track bikes...both rusty and not in any type of working condition.  Since I've got the "want to ride gravel" bug and wanted a new bike but had not money...I decided it was time to rebuild one of those Treks.  Well, while I'm there are some more things I want to do/replace, I got it to a point where it is ride-able so I headed out to hit some gravel today.

There is not a lot of places (quite the understatement) nearby, but there is is a route of just over 28 miles that is about half and half gravel/paved roads.  I had a blast and the bike did great.  I realized that when I'm on my road bike, though I'm not fast, I like to push myself and do my ride as quickly as I can.  On my mountain bike I like to safely complete the trails and keep pedaling through the pain.  Today I just tried to enjoy the was about time or riding a trail was about enjoying the day and noticing things around me.  What a blast!  One ride does not a new discipline make, but I can see riding gravel as offering a great balance to my road riding and trail riding.

I did decide to take my camera, which I NEVER do, so I would stop...smell the roses...and snap a few pics! P2240001.JPG  P2240003.JPG  P2240006.JPG 
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Okie Outdoorsman
Welcome to the road less traveled, PastorJoe!  That is a good looking bike, and your pictures are excellent--thanks for posting.  Don't be surprised if you find yourself riding more and more gravel.  
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Rich S
Sounds like an awesome day! 
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Nothing quite like a good gravel ride. I find a good and challenging ride "cleans our the baggage" of my life. Keep going pastor!
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Sweet!  Love to hear the story and see the pics!  And it's always great to see someone who's thriving on a not so fancy bike.  Not to take anything away from folks riding $3000 beauties, there's just something amazing about seeing an old steelie in action.  
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Great pics! May I ask what state you're in?
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Let me thank everyone for your responses/comments.  Since I mainly ride alone it is nice to have a place to share experiences and get feed back and encouragement.  This has also proven to be a great place to as questions and get, thanks for the sense of community from someone new here and to this part of the cycling world.

Scree...I'm in the Sandhills area of North Carolina.  Around the Pinehurst/Aberdeen/Southern Pines area.

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Love it! Cool pics and welcome to the "club". You'll find this is an ideal place to ask questions and share experiences
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Once you try gravel riding the allure is strong! It's great because you can ride casually, train or race. And the camera helps capture some of the great moments! 
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I love your pictures! I live in Ontario Canada but spend a week every year riding out from Aberdeen, love the area. Has a great feel to it, very friendly people.
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Hi PastorJoe- let me join the chorus (choir?) in thanking you for your postings.
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I liked how a gravel ride allowed you to slow down, enjoy the ride and take a look around. That’s the appeal to it for me as well.
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