I like the weekender which is priced right,and now see this model as my potential new steel gravel bike. Looks great in pics. The bike may or may not come to production and might be a frame only option according to the words on their home page.

The frames are made by odyssey which I never heard of but they are a huge bmx brand. Ok that's good right? I've heard good things about them from lbs too.

Thoughts on the brand, bikes in general?
What a top tier steel Kona Rove should look like.

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My $.02: Very similar design concept, and same fork as my custom steel Huntsman currently in production at 44 Bikes. Of course, I like it. Steel is real!
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Looks like a competent no-nonsense steel bike to me.  I like it as well!

I first heard of Fairdale when I read this article from Bicycling magazine: 
It gives some more insight on the brand and their vision.  I believe one of the founders was a former BMX pro who was sponsored by Odyssey. It's a decent read if you have a few minutes.
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