Long distance wanderers, fun-splorationists, and (r)adventurers East of the Mississippi, rejoice: this is some awesome stuff.

The Eastern Divide Project: Cape Breton, Nova Scotia <-> Key West, FL. Not done yet, but you/we can help it along.

Eastern Divide Project website

Eastern Divide Project fb page (seems to be a decent amount of activity here)

Groovy article in Bikepackers Magazine (where I heard about it)

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Very interesting! I know some of the people involved in the Florida Divide project. Curious to see how they plan to get from the TNGA route in north Georgia to the start of the Florida Divide route in Fargo, GA. Looks like they are taking a route a ways to the west of the middle GA area I'm familiar with.
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Very cool.....

Enjoy the outdoors....
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