Edit:  I just found that shutter does offer a 28h hub. 

I want to get a dynamo hub. I have the stock rims ( WTB ST i23 TCS, 28h, tubeless-ready ) that came on my cannondale topstone 105.  I typically have 700cx40 tires on. I use the bike for day-to-day riding and lots of 10+ day bikepacking trips.  I probably cover more miles on the road but time wise spend about 50/50 on gravel/road.

I was planning to get a shutter or shimano dynamo hub (son is just too expensive but offers a 28h) but it seems with thru axel and disc brake setups 28h isn't available with either hub (that I could find). I haven't felt that I need more than a 28h rim.

Would most people suggest I get a different rim with 32h? Is there a standout favorite rim people like that fit the above needs? There are other dynamos with 28h but I'm not sure if it's better to get a less well known hub or just get a new rim. I'd rather not have to mess with the hub/rim for a couple years after setting it up...

What would people suggest? If I do change the front rim to 32 I'd probably leave the back wheel setup how it is, so I'd have 32front, 28back.

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Do you plan on re-using your OEM rim that came with the Topstone?  With the re-build cost of the rim, it may be worth it to go through a company like November Wheels and get a new hoop built up on your new hub.  Then you could keep your OEM wheel for a backup, or even sell it to recoup some of the cost.

I am waiting on a brand new set of carbon wheels from November; SON front and I9 101 rear.  Came to just under $1300 with everything shipped.
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I was hoping to use the same rim that came with the bike. I'm going to be putting on a ton of miles soon so was just planning to keep everything stock until I need to replace it. 

It still seems I can only get a shutter 7 series for my setup. I can't find much online about difference between 7, 8, and 9 series shutter so I might end up changing rim so I can get a 9 series shutter. I'll check out November!  Thanks 
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glad you asked this  I was considering using the shimano deore xt dynamo and just relacing it to my alex dp21 wheel versus a new front wheel build. Im trying to keep costs down.
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I'm no wheel expert, though I have built a few.  I also have a Cannondale Topstone (Sora version with different upgrades).  I had a spare wheelset with 32 hole hubs/spokes - Stans Grail S1 wheelset - pretty basic.  I disassembled the front wheel and rebuilt it with the Shutter Precision PD-8X-M hub.  It's been working great.  Yeah it's heavy, but endless light and USB charging are pretty cool.  I think you'll need the PD-8X-M hub from Shutter as it's the only one with 12mm Thru Axle at 100mm width.  

With regard to 28 hole vs 32 hole, 32 would be burlier and function better if you did break a spoke.  More spokes prevents the wheel from going out of true too bad if 1 of them breaks.  But if the wheels are built well and you keep track of the tension over time, a 28 hole wheel should be ok, I think.  Again, I'm no wheel expert and I definitely don't put my wheels through much stress since I just commute and do mixed surface rides, not 10 day loaded touring.
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