I'm fortunate to have a choice for the 2017 DK200 to ride my Sequoia Expert X1 or Diverge Expert (Carbon) X1.  

The Sequoia is heavier @ 23.5lbs vs 17-18 on the Diverge but can run up to a 700x45 tire while the Diverge is really maxed out at a 700x35.  Steel frame, carbon fork on the Sequoia (buttery ride quality) vs. the lighter and faster Diverge.  I've ridden the Diverge in the IL Driftless area and have done some 14%+ Gravel road climbs and it performed admirably.  However, I'm concerned on it's max tire width for the razor flint gravel on the Dirty Kanza.

The stock Sawtooth tires on the Sequoia are super-grippy on gravel will have to be swapped out if the course is muddy.  They are also a bit heavy @ 615g ea.  I'm looking at swapping them out for 700x40 GravelKing SK's or a Clement and running tubeless.  Either 1X set up will work.  The Sequoia is 42T Chainring with a 11-42 Cassette and the Diverge 46T with 10-42.  Both are SRAM Force and Force Hydraulic Disc.

Looking for peeps who have ridden the DK and thoughts on bike weight and tire width.

Thanks! DivergeBrown.jpg  Spec Sequioa.jpg 
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I have not raced the DK; but would think that wider is better, so my vote goes to the Sequoia.

If it is likely to wet/ muddy, I would put some 650b wheels with 2.1" tires on the Sequoia.
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Rode in twice - in 2015, with all the mud, on a 23-pound steel bike with 700x38 triggers. (Really more like 26-28 pounds with all my crap.) Last year on a 21-pound aluminum bike with 700x38 triggers.

I'd be hesitant to ride anything less than a 38 but I know some people do. If you run tubeless and are careful on the descents you might be OK, but also there's a lot of luck involved.

Personally I'd go with the Sequoia and lose 5 pounds to make up the weight difference.
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I'd take both bikes.

If it's dry...I'd go with lighter and max out the tire width to the 35's.

If it's wet....I'd go with the heavier and run with some slightly knobbyer 40's

FWIW...Did DK last year on WTB Nano 40's.  Planning on DK this year on some Challenge GG 36's, but will have the Nano's on a 2nd set of wheels if it is wet.  Everything tubeless.  Play the descents conservative and you'll be good on pinch flats....keep in mind at the bottom of most descents is a rocky stream bed that you don't want to bomb through.
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Been in 4 DKs so far first 3 were 35's last year was 38 this year will be back to 35 but it'll be a gravelking sk so it might be slightly larger. Think I had 2 flats all together both in my second year. Both bikes I have used max out with 38's. I would pick the bike where it's comfy at miles 150 to the finish.
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Thank you all for your well thought replies.  I was really torn between the two bikes, but per kriskexplorer 's response, I believe that bike comfort from mile 150-200 will be very important.  The higher volume tire and steel frame (carbon fork) should be much more forgiving/compliant vs. the lighter, but stiffer full-carbon Diverge and smaller/narrower tires.
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