I know Garmin is a big sponsor so they are pushing the Garmin as a must-have item, but how difficult is it to just use the map they provide? I hate to invest in a GPS device just for once event. I would imagine that there are many forks in the road and making a decision which way to go can be difficult. So my question is how important is a GPS device for the route?
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It’s super handy, but not necessary at all. I know several multi-time finishers that have only used cue cards, which can be printed out (and should even if you’re using a GPS!) and followed. Some prefer cards because they don’t run out of battery and it keeps your mind busy in a different way. 
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Jim C
Hammer70020... thanks for your question.  We will release detailed maps, cuesheets, and gps files.  Riders are free to use any single method of navigation... or a combination of any of these options.  All of this information will be released on Monday, May 27th.  We did release a bit information earlier this month, letting folks know checkpoint locations and distances between checkpoints. This was done so participants and support crews could begin their planning.  If you haven't seen that info yet, check the Dirty Kanza FB page, or look back through your emails from us.  Good luck in your DK preparations.  We'll see you soon.
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