I am doing my first DK200 this year (coming out from Vancouver, BC) and am trying to workout my gearing setup. I have been running 36/46 and 11-32 for gravel events but am switching to 1x this month. I'm thinking of something around 42 or 44 in the front and either 11-36 or 11-40 in the back.

Anybody have experience with 1x at DK200? (this is DK200 specific since I will have other rings and cassettes for other events)
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I did the 200 with a 38 x 10-42 and the guy I rode with was on a 36 x 10-42.  I think you would be fine with a 36,38, 40 or a 42 chainring.  This year I may go to a 40 or 42.
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I did the DK200 in the mud of 2015 with a 50/34 and 11-32 cassette. I was happy with the range of gearing, so for my return to the DK in 2017 on a different bike with 1x11, I will be running a 44 chainring and 10-42 cassette. This gives me essentially the same range of gearing as the old bike has. I did think about stepping down to a 42T, but I don't recall any times during the 2015 race where my gearing was a problem.

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