I started the DK 200 last year and lost my derailleur hanger approximately 30 miles in. 
What tips do people have to help me make it through the mud.
-spare hanger
-what do you use to clean out the mud? (trees are endangered in the flint hills so no spare branches on the ground)
-push or carry bike?
-tire pressure? (higher or lower than normal)
Any advice is appreciated, especially since the long term forecast for emporia is cloudy and there is a chance for precipitation just about every day.
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 I  rode the DK100 last year and the year before and have done two DK200's. It's simple, just carry your bike or push it when possible. I used a plastic putty knife last year and cleaned the bike in stream crossings. I prefer to roll over gravel and not get bumped around so much thus use lower pressure with the Clement MSO 40mm tire. No flats yet.

Good Luck!

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I will carry on me a very small plastic putty spatula and a small brush.  If I lose my rear shifter I'll have everything (chain tool and quick link) on board to make it to the next rest area as a single speed; my crew will have a spare rear derailleur, hanger, and chain, if I need them.  They will also  have a work stand and portable power washer to tidy things up.  I will also carry a shoulder strap that connects to the seat post and stem, making very long carries a little less agonizing  (Mrs fatcharlie will be unhappy when she realizes I stole the strap from a piece of her luggage).
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This will be my first DK attempt(doing the half pint). 2 der hangers are already in my frame pack and I'll be commandeering a decently solid and somewhat long handled spatula from the wife's collection to help clear mud if necessary. I've got everything I need to swap to single speed with me and will toss my old rear der in the support vehicle. It's a short cage and will cost me my 32 in the back but I spent most of masie's pride without it due to cable tension issues so it's better than nothing.

I've been running 40psi f/r in Clement MSO 40s and they survived some hard hits and rocks at masie's.
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I also DNFed due to the mud last year.  My hanger snapped, my RD went into my back wheel & exploded, and a SS conversion didn't work.  What I learned...

1.  If it's muddy, carry early & often.  Trying to ride an extra 10 feet can be the difference between finishing and DNF.  And a clean(ish) bike is much lighter than a muddy bike.

2.  If you're pushing your bike, you still need to pay attention to mud buildup.

3.  SS conversions don't always work.  If this is seriously your bail out, you need to try it beforehand to make sure you have a gear that produces a reasonable chainline & chain tension.  You may get lucky, you may not.

4.  Just carrying a spare hanger isn't enough.  My RD was not useable.  The jockey wheels are still out there in the Flint Hills.

5.  Carrying a spare hanger & a tensioning device (like a Surly Singleator) greatly improves your chances of a successful SS conversion.

I carried a set of chopsticks to clean my bike.  They worked great and were free.

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Howdy. Emporia native here. I started carrying a toothbrush for pushing out the tough mud and a Park Tools brush GSC-1C which is nice for chain, derailleur and cassette. Both can be tucked neatly between mud pits and used quickly and easily.

Yes. Be careful of derailleur as that can be day ending but also if you have a carbon frame, be sure to get mud away from rubbing areas. The grit can and will chew through your frame over a full day of constant rubbing.

Best advice I saw was if your goal is to first and foremost to finish...carry early and often. Having said this I had a buddy practicing this at LandRun100 and simply waited one pedal stroke too many. Snap. You just never know.

I also gear way down and spin as much as I can. Less tension, more agile for quick stop and goes or dodging a crash and getting those tires spinning will help throw that mud off as you ride away from the pit.

It'll be a good time.
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We're in much better shape this go-around.  Last year, the Flint Hills had ~10-15 inches of rain in the month of May.  It was wet enough that I went ahead and traded in the gravel bike for the mountain bike.  This year, the area is sitting at 33-50% of that total.  For perspective, this amount is similar to what we had for 2013-2014.  Unless we end up with heavy rain during the last few days before Kanza, I like our odds.
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I learned a long time ago, not to race/ride in muddy conditions, or go to SS or internal hub. Unless U don't mind spending money on new parts. I would just throw chain away after, and get a new one. Just me...
No such thing as bad weather....just bad clothing...
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