Thought I would post a quick update on my Why Cycles R+ build, I added a set of remote climbing shifters so I can more easily shift from the tops.  It saves me fractions of a second on a ride by not having to move my right hand over to the hood.  Which is really important for an overweight middle aged man like myself...   

A cool thing about these tiny little buttons, is that they are totally plug and play.  If you wanted, you could set up a minimalist 1x Di2 build with these buttons, a junction box, battery and derailleur.  They come with a bulkier housing that is molded to fit the bars, but I didn't use it - just a little double stick tape.

Had I known they were plug and play, I probably would have rigged up my own system instead of using the TRP  Di2 Climber Switch adapter on my R+ build.   There is nothing wrong with the TRP adapter, it works great - i just prefer the stealthy look of the smaller buttons.  
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