Seen a few reviews out there, seem mostly positive (other than cost).  Anyone riding them?  More specifically, thinking about them in the context of making a wide clearance road bike (example:  canyon endurace) punch above it’s weight on dirt.  Not for midwest miles of deep loose stuff, but locally on big logging road climbs, which can often be rocky and rough, but usually not soft.  Shock absorption and traction are more the issue generally.  Just seems like it might open up the potential candidate frames for building an inexpensive(ish) light climbing bike for the sort of riding I often do here in MT.  Run a 32c (which might measure 35 on modern rim) with a cushcore, run pressure down at cyclocross levels for the dirt and get some of the big tire traction and suspension benefit without being restricted to a frame with big tire clearance.  Paying a weight penalty, but potentially it might all equal out since a 40/42 would be roughly equivalent to a light 32/35 with the cushcore.  

Anyone tried anything similar?  Or have I missed a thread about it?
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